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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 Tips in Surviving As an International Student

Survival in any university, in this competitive world, does become difficult for most international students. When it comes to surviving as an international student, almost everyone feels the heat. A student tends to feel the pinch when it comes to survival in a foreign location. There are a lot of problems a student faces while studying abroad. In the following sections we will be discussing the top seven magical tips for survival as an international student, when you are studying abroad.

  1. Adjustment to the Environment - The most difficult job for an international student is to adjust to the new environment. This includes adjustment to the climatic conditions. Most students fail to adjust to such climatic conditions, and you should be mentally prepared for the different situations that you will be experiencing. The next adjustment will be towards the work culture and what is involved. Every place has its own work culture, though most do tend to differ from a 'set' environment. This is something to which you can achieve with a great deal of practice.
  2. Balancing your life - The next problem faced by most students is by making a balance in their lives. By balance, I mean maintaining equilibrium between your studies, sports, other activities, rest and meals. Most students tend to miss their meals and recreational activities, and some absences can cause an impact on your health. As you will know, a sound mind resides in a sound body, and you should try to maintain a balance between all of these parameters - keeping both your body and your mind active.
  3. Attitude - You should maintain a positive attitude. By positive attitude, I mean you should be optimistic; you should look at every situation positively. Don't let a situation dishearten you, and in spite of the failure, if any, don't stop your hard work. Remember that, sooner or later, hard work is always going to get its due reward. I know you are good and you can do it.
  4. Dealing with personal issues - You should deal with your personal issues. Most of the time, things don't go as expected. It's better to solve any personal issues that do indeed arise. You can do the following things:
    1. Consult your supervisor.
    2. Consult your doctor.
    3. Get the issue resolved by sharing it with a friend.
  5. Know the system - You should know the system, by knowing the University's rules and regulations. You can't ignore these rules. Carefully read the University schedules and calendar, and particularly look out for the following things:
    1. CGPA requirements.
    2. Method of its calculation
    3. Your rights and responsibilities.
    4. Deadlines.
  6. Manage Time - Try to manage your time in an efficient manner. Plan your schedule and make a timetable, and try to achieve your goals in small steps. Success does not come in abundance, and it is those small steps of yours which, when followed for a long time, can give you a successful career.
  7. Set goals - It is a very important tip, as this decision of yours will decide your future. Have a clear view of your goals. Remember that you cannot achieve success until you have a specified your goals in life. To have a clear view of your goals, ask yourself these questions:
    1. What is my desired destination in 4 - 5 years?
    2. How will I get there?
    3. Can my present studies take me there?
    4. What are the other things I need to do?
    5. What are the obstacles in my way?

Try to solve your problems by following these tips, and see your career achieve great measures. Finally, be a good citizen, as you are representing your country. Your country's pride is in your hand.

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