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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tips for International Students - How Not to Miss Home

International students are forced to leave the comforts of their home in their homelands to be able to study and earn college and post grad degrees elsewhere. There are many compelling reasons why such students need to go out of the country and try studying in other places. One good reason is the quality of education they could have. Most foreign students, particularly those in Asian and African countries, believe the best universities are in Europe or in the US.
If you are among these students who aim to study abroad, there is one distinct and common problem. It may be your first time going abroad for a long period or leaving your parents' home to study in a different location. Thus, expect that for some time, you would normally feel depression as you miss your home, your family and your friends.
Here are some common and simple guidelines that can help you overcome the feeling of sorely missing your home and all the people you have left behind for your study purposes.
1. Bring photos of your family and friends. Whenever you feel lonely, look at the photos and draw inspiration and motivation from them. If you can bring photo albums, do so.
2. Learn to cook meals that are normally prepared in your home. This way, you will not be culture shocked in terms of food. Some students find it hard to adapt to the kind of food served in another country. For example, Americans may not find rice meals in Asia very nice, and vice versa, especially burgers.
3. Have a mobile phone. If you can subscribe to the roaming services of the carrier you have back home, do so. It would make connectivity with friends and families back home easier and more convenient. If you need to call them, or they need to call you, communication can be easily established.
4. Establish a circle of new friends. If you can get together with students of the same nationality as yours, the better. Doing so will give you a feeling as if you are still at home. It is also fun to talk in your local language and converse of things you all find culturally amusing. You can also relate to people of the same nationality as yours.
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