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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Naughty Kiss YouTube Special Edition [2010] ~17th Project Completed~


MBC drama “Playful Kiss” announced on the 11th of October that they will be launching a special edition videos on their official youtube channel. They have launched their official youtube channel and have posted OST video’s and ans behind the scenes and making of videos. MBC are targeting the global audience and the channel will be catering to the international fan’s with Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish channels.
A special edition of the drama will be premiered at the youtube channel. Group Eight the production company said, “Youtube targets the international and domestic market. We will be presenting a special edition of Playful kiss through youtube that will be available worldwide”.It has come to their notice that a lot of international fans depend on youtube for their favorite drama’s. Through this project, the fans will be able to participate and watch the drama’s wherever they are in the world.

Source: Economic News
Credits: blueprincess824 @ Dkpopnews.net

Notice from Youtube Channel

YouTube Special edition is aired on every Tue, Wed, and Thur at 7pm!
1. Tues, November 2 Honeymoon in the morning 

2. Wed, November 3 Injections scared! 
3. Thurs, November 4 Jr. Baekseungjo Create! 
4. Tues, November 9 Baek adjusting to my husband! 
5. Wed, November 10 Baekseungjo to defend the patient! 
6. Thurs, November 11 Driving hard! 
7. Tues, November 16 Happy birthday! 
8. Wed, November 17 Special Edition Making films and NG Cut 
9. Thurs, November 18 Making films and NG Cut Special Edition
▶ Seung Jo's Diary will be aired on every Fri, Sat, and Sunday! 



Making Film 01:|>YOUTUBE<|>sub<|
Making Film 02:|>YOUTUBE<|>sub<|

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Diary 02
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